Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still managed to avoid karaoke...

So in the time since my last post, Austin and I have been consumed by school, trying out new restaurants, checking out the local street food, making repeat visits to Dominos, getting food poisoning, and making new friends! It's been a busy two weeks, which would explain for my lack of updates.

We're slowly but surely getting into the swing of things with teaching and just began our third week. Pretty soon Camlin and I will begin planning for the big kindergarten play that will take place in June. If anyone has any good ideas for a musical, send them my way. I've never produced or directed anything in my life, so this should be interesting. Managing a class of kindergarten students is plenty of work, so I'm curious to see how this will all pan out.

We've met a lot of new friends through the foreign teachers' group on facebook. It's a great network of people who we're really lucky to have found. So many interesting people who have traveled all over world and have so many experiences to share with us. We've had some great nights of food and drinking with them so far and look forward to the many more to come. So far my favorite has been a trip to the saunas last Sunday with some of the ladies. Definitely not something for the shy folk. I paid the equivalent of less than $5 for the opportunity to soak naked for an unlimited amount of time in a number of different style pools, plus the use of the sauna (complete with tv), steam room, and crazy cold showers that pound on your body. I started in the hot tub pool, moved to the freezing cold pool, then to the green tea bath, then to the steam room, sauna, and around again. I have never felt anything more relaxing and sedating in my life. Moving from the hot to cold was like an out of body experience. To top it off, I was surrounded by over 50 naked Korean women ranging in age from about 3 years old to 75 years old. Then comes the showering and exfoliation time. These women scrub each other like there's no tomorrow. Mom's scrubbing daughters, sisters scrubbing sisters. These women must have the softest skin ever. I purchased my own little exfoliation mit and got to it. I felt like a brand new person after the experience. Some of these women go once a week to the saunas, some every day. I can see why. I will definitely go back.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks. Hopefully someday soon we'll actually bust out the good camera.

Bar Juke: We saw this and had to go in. We even got to play DJ and pick our own music from youtube to play throughout the bar. Amazing. Below is a group shot at Bar Juke with our new friends.
One of our first attempts with the street food. So many amazing steamed dumplings. Austin and I ate dinner for about $10 and had enough leftover for a 2nd meal. Oh and yes, that is a plastic glove they gave us that Austin is wearing on his hand while he eats. I guess instead of napkins?

One of our first attempts to eat at a Korean restaurant on our own. We loved the egg frittata/scallion pancake thing. I enjoyed the meat skewers below... Austin not so much. I only recognized squid and chicken. I have no idea what the other types were, but I ate them.

Funny cartoons everywhere. This was on the back of a delivery scooter.

The view of downtown from our apartment.

Making new friends at Jazz Bar. The bartender, Cesar, and Austin bonded over Weezer.

The ladies we met were amazing. They kept feeding us food (literally forcing it in my mouth with chopsticks) and free whiskey. I love how generous the Korean people are.

Dunkin Donuts! So many kinds to choose from. They even have bagels (though I haven't tried one just yet). It's just like being home in NJ, with the exception of the kimchi croquettes and curry donuts.

Next up: our St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the ROK (or lack thereof).....


  1. Kestly, I am rather enjoying your blog! It makes me laugh and makes me hungry. More, more, more!

  2. Do they have the re-engineered Dominos in South Korea? They changed the recipe for the crust/sauce recently and i think its much improved.

    I ate at McDonald s every day in Taiwan and Tuna Salad sandwiches every day in Thailand. They were delicious.

  3. So glad to hear you guys are doing well. Love hearing about the food experiences - you guys are brave with that!
    Can't wait to hear about St. Patty's day in Korea. Any hopes of green beer?

  4. Lewis- the Dominos tastes just like home but it is the old style, not their newer one. We stick with regular pepperoni but they do have some crazy toppings like shrimp with the tail on. They eat the tails! So gross. No Mcdonalds on the island suprisingly. There's a KFC but the chicken is sketch and not fully cooked (something we're realizing is fairly common, hence my bought of food poisoning this past weekend).

    Unfortunately we had a lame st pattys day since my
    stomach is still not quite right from that chicken this weekend. Don't think I'll be drinking for a bit.